Wednesday, April 02, 2008


For once I would like to use my blog to give good advice (although I do not know to whom in particular- see it as advice to all readers. And maybe don't see it as advice, but more as a tip): don't life life through dogmas.
Dogmatic thinking makes one less curious, less interested in the rest of the world, and it kills creativity. Life is a learning process, I figured out, sometimes the hard way. And a learning process implies failing at some things as well.

I come to this, because someone gave me a book he wrote, a children's book. In it, he wrote a dedication, which in translation is some much as:' "because life is for those who dare." And I like that thought. Life is indeed for those who dare. Think big, take risks, dare to do, don't be afraid to fail. Good things do not happen if you wait- they need to be actively pursued. I sound like a feel-good guru when saying those things, like a mental coach, but I like the phrase. And I'll use it, because I believe in it. As a motto, not as a dogma. Because life is indeed for those who dare. Amen!


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