Sunday, July 06, 2008

Education Permanante

"Thirty, and still a student?!? Moewahahahahaha"
I am standing at the entrance of the UN, to get my library card extended. The UN library is a great place to write my thesis: it is big, it is spacious, it is calm, it has internet, it has free photocopying, and most importantly: it gives access to the Un cafeteria. That cafeteria is heaven compared to the cafeteria of my school, and it caters to those with a thin and small wallet. However, to get into the UN building, I need a renewed pass. And to get this pass, I need to get passed this security guard, who thinks it is about time that i should get a real job, instead of bumming around as a student. He hands me back my passport, and shout to his colleague that he is sending a thirty year old student through. For a second I contemplate of giving a summary of my resume, but I decide to admit defeat and nod sheepishly. "Yeah, I need to graduate," I tell him. "I have been studying since I was six," I say to him when I walk on. "My parents are by now bankrupt. There are no excuses left anymore..." He laughs, and his colleague gives me my new pass. The first day of writing my thesis has started...

The aforementioned reaction is one I get often."You are thirty and you are a student?!?" Initially people think I am a moron, someone who has been studying the better part of his life. Once I explain that I am doing a post-graduate education, the mood swings. However, all good things come to an end, and so does student life. Two more months and than my thesis needs to be handed in. In the meanwhile I found a job, on that I am actually really looking forward to: from autumn onwards I will be a lawyer, an esquire, a barrister, an advocat, a counselor, a legal entrepreneur. Criminal defense work, in Holland! For at least 3 years. As said: all good things come to an end. Like roaming the globe. Well, at least for the coming three years...


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