Monday, September 29, 2008

Gone before the winds came

Together with the Arabs, I left Geneva. Summer in Geneva was filled with trips, and with Arabs, fleeing the middle eastern summer heat. They went where their money is- Switzerland. Halfway September they left the city, taking with them new clothing, cars and jewelry; leaving behind lots and lots of moolah, dosh, cheddar, money.

I did the same. That is: i left Geneva, leaving behind a lot of money. I did not bring back a lot, except for knowledge and memories. Not just of Geneva, but of 4.5 years living abroad. Now I am back again in the country that provides me with a passport. After years wondering about and around, I have hit 'home' again. The name of this blog does not have to change; I guess in a way I am a foreigner still, but now 'at home'. The blog will keep on existing; why quit?

Looking back upon the year in Switzerland, I realize that there are many things I have not written about: my friends Gabe, Steve, Tom, Amy, Daniela, Cate, Martina, Caroline. The difference between expat life in NYC, Sarajevo and Geneva. My ignorance of south America. The ex-convicts and -homeless I shared a dorm with. The lack of Swiss in Geneva. The songs played in the university library. The trip to the Isle of Man, where I almost broke my neck. Love-life. Staying Peter Pan. The possibility of going to Afghanistan.

Stories for later.

When I left the city, the winds were coming to Geneva. It was the prelude for the fall. The circle was round- it was good to leave, no matter how saddened I was by it. Because it was a memorable year, and that's what it was.


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