Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Where do the winds come from?

They come from Friesland, where my parents live. Friesland is a country on it's own; it has its own language, its own cultural heritage, its own history. It is in the north of the country. This northern part of the Netherlands, close to the Waddenzee is flat like the prairies of North America. The winds here are strong, stronger than in Geneva, and it makes the people who grew up here talk loud, even indoors. They are used of having to talk louder than the wind blows, hence the volume of their voices.

Life here is slow pace, and it is ideal for writing my thesis, which focuses on class action lawsuits before the ICC. There has been no articles on this particular issue, nor does the practice of class action suits exists in the dutch legal system, so it is challenging to write about it. Challenging sometimes equals boring, I have to admit.

The research I am doing is good practice for my new job as a barrister at a criminal defense law firm in Amsterdam. I'll start working on the 1st of November. So better get my thesis done soon, or otherwise i will not be able to take a much undeserved holiday...


Anonymous Gelkinghe said...

Succes (en zo min mogelijk scriptieleed)!

9:33 PM  
Blogger David Hein said...

Hartelijk dank! En dat scriptieleed is aankomende maandag wel geleden....

5:58 PM  

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