Thursday, June 11, 2009

MY GOD!!! IT HAS BEEN A WHILE> I guess I have no readers left anymore. Gives me time to work on my writing skills, while some of the old readers might catch up.

Life has been interesting since my last blog entry from london. i am back in Amsterdam, working as a criminal defence lawyer. I graduated, went to Geneva to pick up my diploma from the ADH/ HEI, went to Spain, Buklgaria and Brussels for work, and basically getting used to be living in Holland again. The cases I am working on are fun, revolting, energyzing, boring. None of them are the same, which is good.

I came to write on this blog again after searching for myself on google (yes, some things never change) and I found a bookreview on blogspot about me. It is in Dutch, and it hurts my pride, hahahaha. The reviewer said it was perverse at times . Hahaha. I mentioned taht in my book as well, but he does not say that in his reviews (and what a sore looser I am for trying to get my point across here). Anyway, it is in Ducth, so I am truly sorry for the two of you who read this blog entry.

Tomorrow I have a meeting of the Dutch Jurists for Human Rights- it is an NGO that I am going to join (as of tomorrow). Very curious about it....