Monday, September 29, 2008

Gone before the winds came

Together with the Arabs, I left Geneva. Summer in Geneva was filled with trips, and with Arabs, fleeing the middle eastern summer heat. They went where their money is- Switzerland. Halfway September they left the city, taking with them new clothing, cars and jewelry; leaving behind lots and lots of moolah, dosh, cheddar, money.

I did the same. That is: i left Geneva, leaving behind a lot of money. I did not bring back a lot, except for knowledge and memories. Not just of Geneva, but of 4.5 years living abroad. Now I am back again in the country that provides me with a passport. After years wondering about and around, I have hit 'home' again. The name of this blog does not have to change; I guess in a way I am a foreigner still, but now 'at home'. The blog will keep on existing; why quit?

Looking back upon the year in Switzerland, I realize that there are many things I have not written about: my friends Gabe, Steve, Tom, Amy, Daniela, Cate, Martina, Caroline. The difference between expat life in NYC, Sarajevo and Geneva. My ignorance of south America. The ex-convicts and -homeless I shared a dorm with. The lack of Swiss in Geneva. The songs played in the university library. The trip to the Isle of Man, where I almost broke my neck. Love-life. Staying Peter Pan. The possibility of going to Afghanistan.

Stories for later.

When I left the city, the winds were coming to Geneva. It was the prelude for the fall. The circle was round- it was good to leave, no matter how saddened I was by it. Because it was a memorable year, and that's what it was.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Parallel universes

Whenever I am at home (which, as most readers know, is not in my 'motherland'), it is as if the Netherlands does not exist. Whenever I am in the Netherlands, it is as if 'home' does not exist.

What I am trying to say, is that my life in the Netherlands and my life in a foreign country hardly seem to mix or mingle. What stresses me out abroad, doesn't make me raise an eyebrow in Holland; what annoys me in Holland, makes me laugh abroad. I have two lives, which I both like, but where unfortunately very few friends can take part in both.

I regret that, and often wish I could take friends from both worlds, and make them meet each other and become friends with each other as well (my friends and my friends should be friends). However, most of often the worlds stay separated, like parallel universes.

The crap however spills over: my Dutch credit card got canceled today, and now I do not have one in Switzerland anymore, while I need it here desperately. One way or another your earthly issues transfer easily abroad, whilst the things close to your heart stay where they are: in your own heart alone...